Family Dispute Resolution


Mediation & Arbitration

Private & Confidential

Mediation and arbitration are two approaches to family dispute resolution that can help parties resolve family issues outside of the traditional court process. John G. Cox Family Law is proud to offer both mediation and arbitration services in-person or online.

Family Dispute Resolution


Mediation is a private and non-adversarial approach to resolving matters in dispute. It serves as a platform for negotiation outside the traditional court process and has the capacity to be more cost-effective and co-operative than long drawn-out court battles. Its primary aim is to promote communication and to encourage an outcome that is based on the parties' direct involvement in the process. As an experienced mediator (non-aligned intermediary), Mr. Cox can facilitate this process to help resolve issues that have arisen out of separation or divorce.
Family Dispute Resolution


Arbitration is a private and confidential process that is similar to litigation, such that it involves an independent third party, the arbitrator, who hears your case and makes decisions that are legally binding. Unlike the court system, arbitration maintains a flexible and simplified procedure. It also gives parties the freedom to select a decision-maker with expert knowledge of the substantive legal issues in question. As a certified Ontario Arbitrator specializing in family law, Mr. Cox can hear interim motions and conduct arbitrations (private trials) to make final decisions on a permanent-basis.
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Online Dispute Resolution

Anywhere in Ontario

The ability to conduct mediation and arbitration by videoconference and telephone conference maximizes our service's availability to anyone in Ontario, regardless of location. Mr. Cox provides Family Dispute Resolution services in person or via Zoom for those who wish to have their cases heard competently and expeditiously.