Advocating for clients' best financial interests in property and complex asset disputes.

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Client-focused advocacy.

Navigating financial and property matters in family law often involves complex and hidden assets, particularly in family businesses. Our firm is adept at uncovering undisclosed documentation to ensure transparency and fairness, which is vital for determining spousal and child support.

Calculating the equitable division of assets and properties can be intricate. Our lawyers are proficient in handling elaborate financial structures, advocating aggressively for fair and equitable solutions to ensure your interests are represented.

In cases of unreasonable or bad faith conduct by the opposing party, our team is prepared to assertively litigate for costs. We stand firm in our pursuit of justice and fairness to ensure our clients' financial interests are protected.

Our expertise extends to managing complex family business structures and financial disputes. We are committed to delivering solutions that reflect fairness and equity, understanding the nuances of these intricate cases.

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Ontario, Canada
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Since 1990, our unwavering dedication has been anchored in revealing truth to ensure fairness in complex financial scenarios.

John G. Cox
John G. Cox
Senior Lawyer