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Over 35 years of legal experience

At John G. Cox Family Law, we assist parties in addressing all issues that arise from separation, divorce, and complex family businesses. Our lawyers address family law matters with a high degree of sophistication and apply a solution-focused approach to all problems and disputes. We are a family law team committed to offering a whole range of focuses and practices. We also specialize in family dispute resolution services.

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Litigation resolves legal disputes within the traditional court process. In the event there are concerns of abuse or family violence, or if a party is making unreasonable demands, litigation and protection from the court may be necessary. 

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Mediation is a non-adversarial approach to addressing the breakdown of a relationship. The process resolves disputes outside of the traditional court process and has the capacity to be more cost-effective than litigation.

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Arbitration is a private process by which parties choose an impartial arbitrator to make decisions for them. If the parties involved in a mediation have reached an impasse, arbitration may be chosen to settle the matter permanently.

Focuses & practices

Family Law

Parental Responsibilities

Parents have responsibilities towards their children and must arrange how important decisions will be made for them. In the event of a relationship breakdown, our lawyers expertly address parental decision-making responsibility for significant decisions about your child, as well as parenting time and parenting plans that affect their day-to-day activities.

Family Dispute Resolution

When entered into voluntarily, family dispute resolution (FDR) can be a highly co-operative and cost-effective way to resolve family disputes outside the traditional court process. As a certified Ontario Arbitrator, Mr. Cox can facilitate the resolution of family disputes between you and your partner through either of our FDR services  (mediation and arbitration).

Parental Duties

As a party to a dispute, there are a variety of duties you must honour as a parent. Our lawyers will ensure you are aware of these duties. They generally include: consideration for the best interests of your child, protecting your child from conflict arising from the proceeding, considering family dispute resolution as an alternative to the court, keeping disclosed information accurate and up-to-date, and complying with court orders.

Interests of Children

Our team works diligently to protect children's interests. While separation can cause uncertainty and stress for all those involved, your child's physical, emotional, and psychological safety and well-being are of paramount consideration. Our lawyers have extensive experience helping children of all ages and can help you address factors the court will consider in determining the best interests of your child.

Family Violence

People deserve to feel safe in the confines of their home and community. In the devastating event of abuse towards a spouse or child (which can include physical abuse, sexual abuse, threats of harm, harassment, psychological abuse, and financial abuse) our team will react quickly to obtain the necessary court order for their protection.

Mobility & Relocation

Our lawyers are experts at addressing the procedural and substantive authorities that govern mobility and relocation. Upon addressing relocation issues, we ensure any change in residence for your child accounts for their best interests. We are also proficient in multi-jurisdictional and international disputes involving conflict of laws and private international law.

Child & Spousal Support

Often, lack of disclosure by individuals who have the majority control and ownership in family businesses take the tact of "hiding" or not producing relevant documentation during a case. To ensure fairness in determining spousal and child support, our lawyers can aggressively litigate this issue until all relevant material is produced.


Rule 24 of the Ontario Family Law Rules outlines the presumption that a successful party is entitled to the costs of a motion, enforcement, case or appeal (among conditions). In June 2017, Mr. Cox obtained a cost award following trial in the amount of 1.4 million dollars. In situations where the other party has behaved unreasonably or in bad faith during a case, our team will aggressively argue for costs.

FinanciaL & Property Division

In many situations, division calculations can be elaborate and convoluted. Our team will expertly advocate your position to reach fair and equitable solutions. We are particularly proficient in dealing with complex family business structures.

Domestic Contracts

Our team prepares cohabitation agreements, marriage contracts, and separation agreements on your behalf. We recognize and are sensitive to the diverse needs of individuals and families from all walks of life.


We have Extensive Experience in Complex Family Law Matters
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Offshore Cases

Mr. Cox has extensive experience working on all cases involving offshore assets. He has appeared twice in the Supreme Court of The Bahamas and has further managed a substantial number of cases involving corporations and assets in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, Isle of Man, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Barbados, Egypt, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau.

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Complex Family Business Structures

Our team has extensive experience working through complex business structures and corporate webs, both in Canada and offshore.