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Real experiences showcasing our commitment to excellence in complex family law cases.
Our clients' testimonials reflect the depth of our commitment to legal excellence and compassionate representation. From handling precedent-setting, high-profile divorce cases to navigating intricate financial and emotional landscapes, our team at John G. Cox Family Law consistently delivers results that validate our clients' trust in us. Each success story is a testament to our dedication to fighting for what is fair, just, and in the best interests of those we represent, underlining our role as steadfast advocates in the complex world of family law.


Discover our clients' experiences of resilience and justice in their legal battles.
Here, our clients share their personal journeys. Their stories illuminate the challenges they faced and the triumphant outcomes achieved through our legal support. These testimonials offer a window into the real-life impact of our work, underscoring our dedication to delivering justice and peace of mind. They embody the resilience of our clients and the strength of our advocacy, reinforcing our commitment to providing unparalleled legal services in family law.




"From the beginning, Nancy was not just a lawyer but also a reassuring presence. Her expertise in family law is commendable, and her ability to navigate complex legal matters with ease made a significant difference in my case. She was always available to answer questions, clarify doubts, and provide guidance, which was immensely comforting during such a challenging period. Nancy’s empathetic approach combined with her professional acumen truly sets her apart. Her support went beyond legal advice, offering a sense of hope and direction when it was most needed. I am deeply grateful for her dedication, patience, and understanding throughout my legal journey. I would not hesitate to recommend Nancy to anyone in need of expert legal counsel. Her commitment to her clients is exemplary, and I feel fortunate to have had her representation."

- Sandy J.


"I can whole-heartedly recommend the John G. Cox Family Law practice. Legal disputes are often emotion-filled events and the law is rarely empathetic or supportive to those that do not have wise counsel. I found their help and support to be kind, direct and meaningful. I feel that you get what pay for, and while I did not enjoy spending money on my legal defense, I know it was money well spent."

- Mark C.


"I am incredibly grateful for the expert knowledge and genuine compassion that John and Natalie provided as they guided me through the separation process. As a newly single mother, my focus needed to be on the care and comfort of my five children, as well as the handling of my finances.  With Natalie's support, I was able to focus on my family, knowing that she was keeping my best interests in mind while negotiating the separation. She provided excellent service and fair pricing. Thank you so much, Natalie and John."

Julie T.


"When you're devastated by a marriage that falls apart, you need a good family lawyer on your side. That's why I chose John Cox Family Law. John and his team have a reputation for being excellent lawyers. They go above and beyond and came through for me when I was down and devastated. The final results were excellent. In my experience if I had to do it all over again I wouldn't hesitate to call John Cox Family Law."

Steve P.


"I can’t express strongly enough how thankful I am that I chose John Cox and his team to represent me during one of the most stressful and upsetting times in my life. Because my separation was a surprise, I was not prepared for what I was about to face. I met with several lawyers, and it was clear that John and his team (Alex and Nancy) were the right choice. Right from our first interactions, John and his team inspired confidence, showed a tremendous amount of care and compassion, and I had the utmost confidence they would provide the expertise I needed to get me successfully through the separation process (which ultimately ended in mediation). For anyone that has gone through a contentious separation, having confidence in your legal team is vitally important. Choosing John and his team was the smartest decision I could have made as they were supportive, professional, clever, and tenacious, and they ended up surpassing my expectations in terms of the result. I will continue to be thankful for many, many years to come that I chose John to represent me – I could not have made a better choice or investment in my future."

- Andrea A.


"I was in the midst of a long and tedious experience with my first lawyer when I decided to seek new representation. This was a very difficult decision given that I had already invested a significant amount of time and money into the process, however, it ended up being the best decision I could have made.  I instantly felt welcome and as though I was a person and not just another case.  I worked very closely with John and his team, including his incredible associate, Natalie, and throughout this lengthy and complicated process, my needs were consistently met with the utmost of care and professionalism.  John and Natalie took the time to really listen to me and reassure me that not only were my expectations reasonable, they were valid, and they were what my family was entitled to.  

"My case ultimately went to trial and John had an undeniable presence in the courtroom.  He was a competitive and tenacious advocate and his cross-examination skills were obviously well-honed throughout his many years of experience.   I was amazed at his expertise and organization, but also his empathy and reassurance during the onslaught of attempted assaults on my character and integrity.  John and his team kept me focused and calm during a time of emotional upheaval and continually reassured me that I deserved to be heard.  Not only did I get the result at trial that I deserved, I was able to walk away from this process feeling completely validated.   If you want someone who will listen and who will fight for what you deserve, this is the team that you want on your side.  I put my trust in John Cox and it was worth every second. I will be forever grateful to John and his team for their veracity, professionalism and kindness."

- Joan F.


"There are several phrases that have been used to describe my divorce case: ‘high stakes’, ‘epic’, ‘high profile’, and ‘incredibly complex’. But the phrase that I feel best describes my case is ‘Precedent Setting’. John Cox and his team (Natalie, Alex, and Sarah) found themselves consistently working outside the box of traditional family law.  Adjectives such as resourceful, tenacious, tireless, diligent, committed and supportive, describe perfectly and aptly what it took to get through my case.

"‘Blatherwick vs Blatherwick’ opened new doors and discovered new territory in dealing with divorce in Canada. John and Natalie dealt with many obstacles coming at them from multiple directions during my case. They always managed to find the references and resources needed to support their argument and prove their point, while at the same time supporting me emotionally. They worked with the facts that we had and in the end, following a four-week trial, they settled in a way that was accepted by all parties.  The process took a lot of time, money, and strength.  I never expected to find myself in that situation; however, I did, and I am so grateful to John and his team for their expertise, work ethic, and support.

"I know my case opened new doors in dealing with divorce in Canada. I hope the ground we covered will help other women facing similar challenges. For this I am grateful. Words can never express my gratitude for all you did for me on so many levels."

Barb B.


"In 2004, my husband sold all of his assets in Canada and moved outside of the country.  It took several years, but thanks to John’s knowledge and persistence, all monies owed to me, including costs, were fully recovered by John on my behalf.  I want to thank him for an extraordinary job."


"John, when I came to you my life was in shambles. I was in the dark about my spouse’s finances and with 3 children, I did not know where to turn. Your confidence and advice saved me. You told me to have faith in you and the system, and you were right. Thank You for the tremendous result!"


"John, just a note to let you know that although the process was a lengthy one, your advice was spot on. Thank you for your sage advice and keeping the ship on course throughout. I am more than satisfied with the result."

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