John G. Cox

Senior Lawyer at John G. Cox Family Law

About John G. Cox

Professional Expertise

With over 37 years of legal experience, John specializes in family law, and is known for his tenacity in complex cases.

Litigation & Arbitration

An accomplished family law litigation counsel and certified Ontario Family Law Arbitrator, John excels in dispute resolution.

Legal Career Milestones

John began his practice in 1990, served as an Assistant Crown Attorney, and was Deputy Judge in Halton's Small Claims Court.

Diverse Legal Experience

His experience spans all Ontario levels, including the Court of Appeal, showcasing versatility in various legal contexts

International Legal Work

John's expertise extends globally, having managed cases in The Bahamas, Isle of Man, Cayman Islands and other offshore jurisdictions.

Educational Background

John's academic foundation includes a LL.B. from University of Alberta and a B.Ed. with Distinction, underpinning his legal skills.
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Specializations and Interests

Offshore Asset Management

John's prowess in offshore asset cases is notable, appearing in international courts and managing complex corporate cases. His expertise encompasses diverse global jurisdictions, reflecting his deep understanding of international family law.

  • Appearances at The Supreme Court of The Bahamas.
  • Managed cases in The Bahamas, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, Isle of Man, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Barbados, Egypt, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Family Law Mediation & Arbitration

As a certified Ontario Arbitrator, John adeptly conducts family mediations and arbitrations, blending his legal acuity with a nuanced approach to dispute resolution, ensuring fair and balanced outcomes.

  • Certified Ontario Family Law Arbitrator.
  • Skilled in mediation as a Family Mediator, fostering amicable resolutions.

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