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Asked Questions

What is the initial meeting and consultation like?

During the initial consultation, we focus on understanding your unique situation. We'll discuss key aspects such as your family background, legal matters, and goals. It's a chance to assess how we can best assist you and for you to understand the process ahead.

What documents should I bring to the consultation?

Please bring relevant personal identification, any legal documents related to your case, and financial records. These help us gain a comprehensive understanding of your situation, facilitating more accurate advice and strategy planning.

How do you support clients through the legal process?

Our firm is deeply sensitive to the mental and physical well-being of our clients. We understand the emotional toll of legal proceedings and, while we don’t provide direct counseling services, we guide you to specialized support resources. Our team ensures you have access to professional counseling, community support, and other necessary resources, affirming our commitment to your holistic well-being throughout the legal process.

What are the financial terms and client responsibilities?

Our engagement involves clear financial terms including retainer details and billing practices. We emphasize the importance of your participation and timely communication, which are crucial for effective case handling and cost efficiency. Please note that all consultations are subject to a consultation fee.