Alex Ogilvie

Associate Lawyer at John G. Cox Family Law

About Alex Ogilvie

Early Career with John G. Cox

Alex began her journey with our team in 2007, becoming an Associate in 2016 after being called to the Bar.

Education and Clinical Experience

Alex's studies at Suffolk University Law School included working in the Family Advocacy Clinic, aiding in domestic violence and social service cases.

Client Preparation Expertise

Alex excels in preparing clients for mediations, arbitrations, and various family litigation aspects, ensuring thorough case readiness.

Family Law Focus

Working exclusively in family law, Alex has co-counseled in high profile family law trials, Ontario courts, mediations, and arbitrations, showcasing her diverse legal skills.

Areas of Practice

Alex's experience covers high conflict parenting disputes, support claims, complex property issues, and separation agreements.

Personal Interests

Outside work, Alex enjoys skiing and outdoor activities, reflecting her balanced approach to life and law.
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Specializations and Interests


Alex's educational journey, culminating in her call to the Bar of Ontario in 2016, reflects her commitment to legal excellence. She earned her J.D. from Suffolk Law School and holds a B.Ed. from McGill University. Her academic achievements lay a strong foundation for her legal prowess and educational expertise.

  • Called to the Ontario Bar in 2016.
  • J.D. from Suffolk Law School.
  • B.Ed. from McGill University.

Mediation and Arbitration Skills

Alex's skill set extends to effective mediation and arbitration, resolving disputes with a focus on amicable solutions.

  • Specializes in mediation and arbitration.
  • Aims for amicable dispute resolution.

Affordable Legal Services

As an Associate Lawyer, Alex offers accessible and affordable legal services, tailored to suit the client's unique needs.

  • Focused on client accessibility.
  • Tailors to individual needs.

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