Nancy DiChiara

Associate Lawyer at John G. Cox Family Law

About Nancy DiChiara

Team Integration

Nancy joined John G. Cox Family Law in 2020, immediately demonstrating her passion for exclusively practicing family law.

Client-Focused Practice

Nancy's practice is driven by empathy and understanding, prioritizing a sensitive approach to her client's needs and situations

Experience in Family Law

Her work encompasses a range of family law matters, from complex financial issues to intricate parenting disputes.

Legal Drafting Expertise

Nancy's legal drafting skills are a cornerstone of her practice, contributing significantly to case preparation and trial success.

Diverse Legal Involvement

Nancy has participated in litigation as co-counsel, mediations, and arbitrations, showcasing her adaptability and depth in various legal proceedings.

Personal Life

Outside the office, Nancy's hobbies include country music, cooking, and outdoor activities, adding balance to her professional life.
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Specializations and Interests


Nancy's educational journey, culminating in her call to the Bar of Ontario in 2020, reflects her commitment to legal excellence. She earned her J.D. from Osgoode Law School and holds a B.A. with Honours in History from McGill University, underpinning her vigorous legal foundation in family law.

  • Called to the Bar of Ontario in 2020.
  • J.D. from Osgoode Law School.
  • B.A. (Hons) in History from McGill University.

Client Advocacy

Nancy's approach to legal representation is deeply client-focused, providing compassionate and tailored advice for each unique family law situation.

  • Emphasizes empathy in legal counsel.
  • Tailors strategies to individual client needs.

Affordable Legal Services

Nancy is committed to providing affordable legal services, making quality family law assistance accessible to more clients.

  • Dedicated to accessible legal services.
  • Focuses on quality and affordability.

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