Natalie Bazar

Associate Lawyer at John G. Cox Family Law

About Natalie Bazar

Career Development

Natalie joined John G. Cox Family Law in 2013, progressing from a law student to an Associate Lawyer since.

Family Law Focus

Since her call to the Bar in 2016, Natalie has exclusively worked in family law, handling diverse and intricate cases.

Litigation and Trials

Natalie has significant experience in advocating for clients in Ontario courts and co-counseling in high-profile family law trials in the Superior Court and Court of Appeal.

Academic Contributions

Natalie co-authored a paper on the notable trial, Blatherwick v Blatherwick, highlighting her in-depth understanding of family law's intricacies.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Natalie's experience includes successful mediations, showcasing her skill in achieving favorable outcomes without court proceedings.

Personal Insight

As a mother of two, Natalie empathizes with the complexities of family life, bringing a personal touch to her legal practice.
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Specializations and Interests


Natalie's educational journey, culminating in her call to the Bar of Ontario in 2016, reflects her commitment to legal excellence. She earned her LL.B. from the University of Southampton and holds a B.A. with Distinction from Concordia University. Her academic achievements lay a strong foundation for her legal astuteness and approach.

  • Called to the Ontario Bar in 2016.
  • LL.B. from University of Southampton.
  • B.A. with Distinction from Concordia University.

Compassionate Legal Approach

Natalie is renowned for her compassionate approach to family law disputes, helping families navigate challenging times with empathy and thoroughness.

  • Advocates for compassion and thoroughness.
  • Understands the emotional impact of family disputes.

Affordable Legal Services

Offering affordable legal services, Natalie is committed to providing accessible and effective legal solutions to a diverse range of clients.

  • Ensures legal services are accessible.
  • Committed to providing effective solutions.

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