Sarah Stark

Dedicated office management and client support.

About John G. Cox

Office Management

Since 2006, Sarah has been integral to the day-to-day management of John G. Cox Family Law, ensuring smooth operations.

Client Management

Sarah oversees client management, preparing financial materials and assisting clients throughout their family law journey.

Availability and Assistance

Sarah's dedication to our clients is unwavering, always ready to provide the necessary support.

Organizational Skills

Sarah's strong organizational abilities, combined with empathetic nature, make her a vital team member.

Empathy and Efficiency

Sarah's empathetic approach, coupled with her efficiency, provides clients with a supportive legal experience.

Valued Team Member

contributions to the team are invaluable, enhancing both client experience and office productivity.
A picture of Sarah Stark.
Specializations and Interests

First Point of Contact

As the first point of contact, Sarah plays a crucial role in setting the tone for client interactions, offering a welcoming and supportive environment.

  • Welcoming and supportive client interactions.
  • Sets a positive tone from the outset.

Legal Administration

Beyond office management, Sarah handles various legal administrative duties, from case file organization to coordinating legal documentation, ensuring efficient case progression.

  • Manages case file organization.
  • Coordinates legal documentation for efficient progression.

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