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Strategically resolving family business complexities and both domestic and international asset disputes with proven legal acumen.

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Expertise in financial transparency & offshore assets.

John G. Cox Family Law excels in managing the unique challenges of Complex Family Businesses. We specialize in full and transparent disclosure, which is crucial for child and spousal support calculations and property division.

Our team is adept in navigating both family and corporate law dimensions, ensuring fair asset valuation and division. We handle intricate corporate structures and contractual frameworks, offering clarity in share ownership and family business disputes.

Additionally, our proficiency extends to transnational disputes and offshore asset tracing, safeguarding your financial interests across borders. We prioritize strategic planning, including succession, and enforce court orders ensure your family and business thrive through your separation.

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Ontario, Canada
Complex Family Businesses

As an experienced family lawyer, I have appeared twice in the Supreme Court of The Bahamas and have further managed cases involving corporations and assets in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, British Virgin Islands, Dubai, Singapore, and more.

John G. Cox
John G. Cox
Senior Lawyer