Expertly navigating parental decision-making, duties, and parenting plans for your child's best interests.

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Guiding parental decisions.

In family law, addressing parental responsibilities, duties, and how important decisions will be made for your child is crucial. Our lawyers expertly guide parents through the complexities of decision-making responsibility for their children during separation and divorce. We focus on significant choices impacting children's lives, including their development, education, health, and general welfare.

Parenting time and parenting plans are integral to our approach during separation and divorce. We work to create balanced and practical parenting schedules that prioritize your child's daily needs and well-being. Our goal is to establish routines that support your child’s development and maintain family bonds.

As a parent in a legal dispute, you also have specific duties to uphold. Our team ensures you are fully aware of these duties, which encompass prioritizing your child's best interests and shielding them from legal conflicts. We also encourage the exploration of family dispute resolution as a constructive alternative to court proceedings.

Accuracy and compliance are key in family law matters. We assist in maintaining accurate, up-to-date information throughout your case and ensure adherence to any parenting orders that are made throughout the process of separation and divorce. Our commitment is to safeguard your rights while fulfilling your parental obligations effectively.

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Parental Responsibilities

Ensuring a child's best interests and providing clear parental guidance is the cornerstone of our approach in family law matters.

Nancy DiChiara
Nancy DiChiara
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